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Meet the Blasterfaster super coaches
Our Super Coaches are your ultimate weight loss, motivation and support crew. They’ve succeeded at SuperFastDiet and now they’re smashing even bigger goals.
  • All of our Super Coaches are Master Fasters who’ve been with SuperFastDiet for at least 9 months
  • They’re just like you: busy, successful people with lives, kids and careers
  • They are maestros of motivation and they know how to power through plateaus
  • They’re excited to help you and support you to become the best version of yourself
  • They all have new weight loss and health goals for this isolation period, so they’ll be with you all the way!
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I’ve lost 4.5kgs with ease!
Wendy on Oct 03, 2018

I had been doing SFD for a couple of months and it was working well for me, but I had a special occasion coming up and felt that I needed some more accountability to continue my weight loss journey. I read about Blasterfasters and subsquently joined the 4 week program and I am so glad I did! BLASTERFASTER – WENDY

Thank you for this totally doable and unbreakable way of life!
Sally on Jan 25, 2018

Yesterday I spent the day by the pool in Bali in a bikini and I actually felt comfortable!!! I truly never thought I would feel like this again, but it is possible. I’m so grateful to have SFD in my life. Thank you for keeping me accountable and truly believing in me and the amazing SFD community for your support and inspiration. BLASTERFASTER – SALLY

SuperFastDiet changed my mind-set forever!
Jodi on Dec 23, 2017

I had a ‘tah dah’ moment watching Vic & Jen share the positive life style & health benefits of intermittent fasting. The support and encouragement on the private Facebook group & the BlasterFaster program with one-on-one coaching by Angie gives me the science behind the program, encouragement & accountability to drop kilos, feel fantastic & smile. SuperFastDiet is where it’s at! BLASTERFASTER – JODI

What a difference a year makes.
Joy on Dec 28, 2017

26kgs done and feeling fantastic. In that time I’ve enjoyed 4 holidays & a cruise. I never have to worry about the weight I may gain while I’m away as I know a couple of fast days will get it off again. I can have a life & lose weight too – incredible! I’m so grateful for this WOL, the SFD staff & this wonderfully supporting fb group. You have all enriched my journey in countless ways. Thank you. BLASTERFASTER – JOY

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